So You Want To Be A Surgeon?

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Aspiring healthcare leaders: Reach for the future!

Learn from world-class surgical experts from 15 subspecialties from HKU Medicine!



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The World Health Organization (WHO) projected urgent need of physicians and surgeons in the next decade and the Lancet Commissions 2015 report indicated the need for surgical services will continue to rise substantially from now until 2030, in particular in the low-income and middle-income regions. In light of the challenges of new diseases and increase in the aging population, medical and surgical care are ever more essential. The future needs more surgeons! What do surgeons do? What conditions require surgical care? In this 6-week course, you will be guided through 15 surgical specialties by a team of 40+ clinical experts. You will have a chairside view of the day-to-day work life of a surgeon and learn about diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical care and see surgeons work in a multidisciplinary team to offer the best treatment for the patients. Surgery is considered both an art and a science. Surgeons not only demonstrate specialist knowledge, techniques, talents and skills in their practice, at the same time, they make use of science and innovation, engaging in tremendous problem-solving and calculated decision-making in patient care. Whether you aspire to become a surgeon, a physician, a nurse, or you wish to find out more about surgery, this MOOC will be a great roadmap for you. 世界卫生组织(WHO)预计在未来十年内急需内科和外科医生,《柳叶刀》委员会2015年的报告指出,从现在起到2030年,对外科服务的需求将继续大幅增长,尤其是在中低收入地区。鉴于新疾病的挑战和老龄人口的增加,医疗和外科护理变得尤为重要。未来需要更多的外科医生! 外科医生做什么?什么情况需要手术治疗?在这个为期6周的课程中,由40多名临床专家组成的团队将指导您学习15个外科专业。您将在家了解外科医生的日常工作,学习诊断,治疗计划和外科护理,并了解外科医生在多学科团队中的工作以为患者提供最佳治疗。 外科手术既是一门艺术,也是一门科学。外科医生不仅在实践中展现专业知识,技术,天赋和能力,同时还利用科学和创新,在患者护理中展示强大的问题解决能力和精确计划的决策能力。 无论你是想成为一名外科医生,内科医生,护士,还是想了解更多有关手术的信息,这门MOOC都是你的理想之选。