Question Everything: Scientific Thinking in Real Life

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Learn how to use math and science to solve everyday problems.

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Have you ever wondered how you can apply math and science skills to real life? Do you wish you could go beyond what you’ve learned in the classroom? This science course will advance your knowledge as we unpack some important scientific thinking skills using real-world examples. By completing this course, you will be better prepared to continue studying math and science at the high school level and beyond. In this course, a collaboration between The University of Queensland and Brisbane Grammar School, we will cover key scientific concepts related to: Measurement Estimation The validity of evidence The difference between logic and opinion Misconceptions Modeling Prediction Extrapolation Each concept will be explored through real world examples and problems that will help you visualize how math and science work in your life. This course is ideal for high school students looking to challenge themselves and further develop an interest in math and science. It is also applicable to high school science teachers looking for additional materials for teaching.