Idea Development: Create and Implement Innovative Ideas

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Learn the strategies entrepreneurs and organizations use to create and bring to market innovative ideas.

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To create and bring to market innovative ideas, entrepreneurs invest substantial resources in their creation without being certain their idea will be successful. How do entrepreneurs manage this process? What strategies do they use? What role does the innovativeness of their ideas play in the strategies they adopt? How do they maintain motivation when faced with setbacks? In this course, we tackle these questions by focusing on: • Types of innovationsand their market impact; • The importance of taking action, knowledge, learning and resources in the creation of innovative ideas; • How entrepreneurs make strategic decisions under uncertainty; • The Management of intellectual property; and • Maintaining motivation in the face of setbacks By drawing on the case of Google Glass, their own experiences and ideas, students are encouraged to synthesize knowledge from each Module to gain an in-depth understanding of the complexity of innovation process.