Future Trends of Fashion and Textiles 時尚之未來趨勢(時尚之未来趋势)

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[中文介紹在英文介紹之後; 中文介绍在英文介绍之后]

We intend to create this course as part of the management training program. We shall take you through a tour to the fashion retail, design, material, and manufacturing section of the fashion supply chain. After the tour, we shall debrief and review the fundamental drive of the changes in the coming future.

我們打算創建這個課程作為管理培訓計劃的一部分。我們將帶您參觀時尚供應鏈的時尚零售,設計,材料和制造部門。 參觀結束後,我們將總結和回顧未來變化的根本動力。

(我们打算创建这个课程作为管理培训计划的一部分。我们将带您参观时尚供应链的时尚零售,设计,材料和制造部门。 参观结束后,我们将总结和回顾未来变化的根本动力。)

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[中文介紹在英文介紹之後; 中文介绍在英文介绍之后] Everyone wishes to know the future! Although we do not have the magic crystal ball to show us the future, we have interviewed more than forty (40+) international industrialists, academics, and business leaders. They are experts in their area and the drivers behind the industry. Our guests will share their views of the future and potential of the fashion industry with you. During the interviews, we focused on the following questions: What are the current challenges? What are the new main directions in the coming five to ten (5 – 10) years? What kind of new technologies will become popular? Will there be any new business models (new ways of doing business)? What role can a government play? Will there be any ideology that may bring a big impact? We fully understand that learners may face the obstacle of terminology and background. We will introduce the background of the fashion supply chain first. Then, we take the learners to attend the interviews week by week, sector by sector. Most importantly, the course content is bilingual in Chinese and English. Learners will enjoy our learning supports. Suitable for students, consumers, anyone who is interested or working in the fashion business. — 正體中文 — 每個人都希望知道未來! 儘管我們沒有魔術水晶球之類的工具來向我們展示未來,但我們採訪了四十多(40+)名國際工業家,學者和商業領袖。他們是各自領域的專家,也是時尚行業的推動者。我們的嘉賓將與您分享他們對時尚產業的未來和潛力的看法。 在採訪中,我們重點關注以下幾個問題: 當前的挑戰是什麼? 未來五到十年(5 – 10)年中新的主要方向是什麼? 什麼樣的新技術將在不久的將來流行? 會不會有新的商業模式(新的經營方式)出現? 政府可以扮演什麼角色? 會不會有可能帶來巨大影響的新意識形態? 我們完全理解同學們可能面對術語和背景的障礙。我們將首先介紹時尚供應鏈。然後,我們與同學們每週參加採訪。最重要的是,課程內容是中英文雙語。同學們將享受我們的學習支援。 適合學生、消費者、對時尚業感興趣和時尚產業在職人仕。 — 简体中文 — 每个人都希望知道未来! 儘管我们没有魔术水晶球之类的工具来向我们展示未来,但我们採访了四十多(40+)名国际工业家,学者和商业领袖。他们是各自领域的专家,也是时尚行业的推动者。我们的嘉宾将与您分享他们对时尚产业的未来和潜力的看法。 在採访中,我们重点关注以下几个问题: 当前的挑战是什麼? 未来五到十年(5 – 10)年中新的主要方向是什麼? 什麼样的新技术将在不久的将来流行? 会不会有新的经营方式出现? 政府可以扮演什麼角色? 会不会有可能带来巨大影响的新意识形态? 我们完全理解同学们可能面对术语和背景的障碍。我们将首先介绍时尚供应链。然后,我们与同学们每週参加採访。最重要的是,课程内容是中英文双语。同学们将享受我们的学习支援。 适合学生、消费者、对时尚业感兴趣和时尚产业在职人仕。