Dealing with Power and Dynamics: Discover Your Leadership Style and Influence Stakeholders

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Learn to lead teams and manage stakeholders effectively and strategically to encourage cooperation and successful performance.

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In our interconnected and complex world, leaders are faced with both internal and external stakeholders. Problems have to be solved within complex networks of stakeholders, each with their own dynamics, interests, perspectives and power. As leaders, engineers have clear advantages: they are analytical, technically skilled, project-based, good with numbers and well-used to problem-solving. However, engineers cannot rely on this skillset alone when exercising leadership in today’s world. In this course you will learn how to develop and apply an influencing mindset, which will allow you to you lead your team effectively and to successfully manage stakeholders. The course gives you the tools to operate within a network of stakeholders: distinguish power and interests in networks of stakeholders build trust recognize roles and norms in groups deal with conflict and cooperation motivate group members identify your own leadership style Upon completion of this course you will be introduced to an influencing mindset and toolkit, in order to use a set of cohesive strategies for dealing with stakeholders – both cooperative and non-cooperative stakeholders.