Data Analysis for Decision Making

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Use data analysis to gather critical business insights, identify market trends before your competitors, and gain advantages for your business.

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In our information age, companies have access to unprecedented amounts information on customers–their behaviors, interests, and buying habits–and the markets in which they operate. Being able to analyze that data has become a critical skill for decision makers at every level of an organization. Today’s firms use data to detect market movement before it becomes a fully-fledged trend, helping them to stay ahead of the curve, tailor products and services to specific customer segments, determine when and when to enter markets, and differentiate themselves from competitors. In this course, you will learn how to unlock the value of data to create and grow an organization. You will gain the analytical tools necessary to confidently describe the current state of areas critical to your business, predict the likelihood of an event occurring, compare two or more approaches to a business challenge, and determine if a phenomenon you are seeing is coincidence or a genuine insight. By the end of this course, you know how to make data-driven decisions to find advantages and stay competitive.