Advanced Algorithmics and Graph Theory with Python

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Strengthen your skills in algorithmics and graph theory, and gain experience in programming in Python along the way.

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Algorithmics and programming are fundamental skills for engineering students, data scientists and analysts, computer hobbyists or developers. Learning how to program algorithms can be tedious if you aren’t given an opportunity to immediately practice what you learn. In this course, you won’t justfocus on theoryor study a simple catalog of methods, procedures, and concepts. Instead, you’ll be given a challenge wherein you’ll be asked to beat an algorithm we’ve written for you by coming up with your own clever solution. To be specific, you’ll have to work out a route faster than your opponent through a maze while picking up objects. Each week, you will learn new material to improve your artificial intelligence in order to beat your opponent. This structure means that as a learner, you’ll confront each abstract notion with a real-world problem. We’ll go over data-structures, basic and advanced algorithms for graph theory, complexity/accuracy trade-offs, and even combinatorial game theory. This coursehas received financial support from the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation.